Steel Structures

Steel framework structures are cost effective and faster to complete

JGS offers you expertise from the construction of your building to the fitment of your lifting equipment

Steel structures designed to suite our clients’ unique requirements

Durable, stable, robust workshop and factory buildings

Custom Made Robust Steel Structures

Steel structures are widely used due to its cost effectiveness & intrinsic strength

Across South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, Botswana, Tanzania, Namibia, Angola, and Zimbabwe, industrial businesses are choosing JGS Lifting to fabricate their steel structures.

Steel frame buildings such as workshops are widely used across many industries due to, not only its cost effectiveness and short period over which it is completed, but also because of its intrinsic strength.

Working along side your team, we design, fabricate, and install your building’s steel structure with your lifting equipment requirements in mind throughout the entire process.

Steel shed prices can sore when having to redesign and adjust structures to retrofit your overhead crane.

When your building’s structural steel frame is built with your overhead electric travelling crane taken into consideration, we find that the project runs smoother and expensive adjustments due to over-spec’ing or under-spec’ing are avoided.

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